The inspiration behind the choreography of “In the Depths”

  By: Ivy Koval   This piece came into existence without a definite story or theme whatsoever. I simply heard this song when I was surfing through the many Christmas albums stashed on my iPod, and I thought “Okay… this could have potential. I’ll see what I can do with it.”   Two days later, […]

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Beckoning the Brave- by DanceArtist Ashley

Beauty is the infinite presented in the finite. -Schelling   Art has this amazing capacity to speak to our souls. We not only express what we believe about reality in our art, but we also take what we believe from it. That is why the power of art as a form of  communication can never […]

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Connecting a Story to its Author

Stories have a fascinating way of revealing the nature of their author. In telling stories, we make statements about ourselves inadvertently; these are likely more authentic than the explicit statements we make about ourselves, because in them, we have little to prove. So I am going to tell you a story- I call it mine- […]

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