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Collin College's Dance Fusion to feature Epiphany DanceArts

Collin College's Dance Fusion to feature Epiphany DanceArts; photo from Collin College

I’m so thrilled for Epiphany DanceArts to be a part of Collin College’s Dance Fusion show this year. The Dance Program is featuring alumni students (including myself and two Epiphany DanceArtists…. Tell us which two DanceArtists in the comments below and you may win tickets to Shimmers in the Snow: A Winter Celebration).

My experience at Collin College played a large part in shaping the person and artist I am today. The professors (most notably, Tiffanee Arnold) not only invested in my intellectual growth but my personal growth as well. The diverse, qualified backgrounds of the faculty along with the joys and rigors of everyday class and rehearsal, paved the way for my work as an artistic director, performer, and teacher.

That is why, I’m so honored to be returning to Collin College to put on a fantastic show with the dancers of this year’s Collin Dance Ensemble and the other featured dance companies: Emagination Aerial Dance (Featuring Alumni: Emmy Walker), Philip Elson Dance (Featuring Alumni: Philip Elson), and ElledanceWorks (Featuring Alumni: Jennifer Dennison & Melissa Bjork).


Here are some Dance Fusion event highlights that Epiphany DanceArts is participating in:

  • Tuesday, November 8th: College Dance Day! I will be teaching a master class and performing in the informal concert.
  • Thursday, November 10: Epiphany DanceArts Master Class! 11:30-1pm
  • Friday, November 11: Alumni Q & A for the current students. Myself and the other two alumni will be part of the panel (Did you figure out who? Here’s a hint).


  • Friday, November 11th @ 8:00pm (Reception Following)
  • Saturday, November 12th @ 2:00pm & 8:00pm

Some of these events are open to the public. For more information about tickets and shows visit the Collin Dance website.

What should we be sure to tell the college students about dance when we are on the panel? If you are a dancer, what do you wish you knew? If you are a fan of the arts, what encouragement should we give them?

-Melissa DeGroat


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