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Extra training for preprofessional teenage girls


Epiphany is looking for a few serious, pre-professional dancers age 15-19 to join our team as a TrainingArtist. Although it is not a performing company, the TrainingArtist program offers trainees the experience of life within a professional company. Trainees will get to take classes alongside company members and will have the opportunity to learn performance repertoire. Trainees will also get the opportunity to shadow the artistic director in performance set-up and tech at the theater including setting lighting and sound cues, spiking the stage, and providing backstage assistance.

The program lasts for an entire year with bi-weekly classes on Saturdays from 1-5pm at Epiphany’s new studio space at The Mix (9125 Diceman Drive, Dallas).

Tuition is based on commitment level.

The TrainingArtist program is designed to work in conjunction with the trainee’s home studio. Rehearsals and performances with the trainee’s home studio will remain a priority, but trainees have a responsibility to communicate conflicts with the trainee director at the beginning of the season.


Trainee applicants must be technically proficient in ballet and modern on an advanced high school level.

Become a TrainingArtist

    • Take master classes with the company
    • Special conditioning classes
    • Learn performance repertoire 
    • See the ins and outs of a professional dance company
    • Gain valuable experience

Take Your Dancing to the Next Level

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Leadership Team

Ivy Koval – Trainee Manager

Sarah Stoffels – Assistant Trainee Manager

Audition Outline

    • Held on Saturday, August 6th, 2016 from 12:00-6:00pm at Epiphany’s new home studio at The Mix (9125 Diceman Drive, Dallas, TX).
    • After check-in, headshots will be taken prior to the audition, and applicants must wear a solid black shirt or a leotard for their headshot. Appearance should be clean and professional.
    • Regarding audition attire, the applicant may wear whatever sort of dancewear in which they feel comfortable for the audition.
    • There will be no warm-up class prior to the audition. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to do a self warm-up before the audition begins.
    • Trainees and professional dancers will be divided into smaller groups and go through the same audition, but the adjudicators will be made aware of those being considered for a trainee position and will evaluate them accordingly.
    • The audition will consist of ballet, modern, and jazz technique with choreography involved.
    • Trainees will also be personally interviewed by the trainee director and artistic director as part of the audition process.
  • Applicants will be notified of the audition results no later than Wednesday August 10th, 2016.